Gordon caves.
It's Friday morning, and as always, we meet at the Dive Center for a guided dive to the Gordon Caves. The water is clear and the visibility is amazing. We check all the diving equipment and head to the water. We swim our way to the caves to allow us extra diving time at the site.  A few meters before the entrance to the caves we are deflate our BCs and commence our dive toward the caves.
Life at the reef is very rich and we encounter many types of fish on the way.  We save the octopus for last. We dive into the big cave and move through it. At the end of the tunnel there is a large canyon which is a hiding place for many fish, we tour the canyon and continue to the second cave. The second cave is narrow and requires a perfect buoyancy control. We enter one by one into the cave and exist at the other side. We continue diving through the pass-through's and canyons and really enjoy the sites. Towards the end of the dive we pass the by the Big Rock were our octopus lives. "Octi" as we like to call him is an octopus who adopted the cave site and is a permanent   resident at the Caves. After taking pictures with the octopus, we start heading back toward the beach. We dive all the way back to the breakwater and end the dive.
Dive to the Sea Wolf Wreck.
Saturday morning, we meet at 07:00, four divers and a guide.
We assemble the gear and equipment and make a routine checkup. We load all the diving gear on to the boat and hop right in. Once we're all seated in the boat we do a final checkup with a full briefing about the dive sites and start our way to Jaffa.  The boat ride to the Sea Wolf takes approximately 10 minutes and is an existing adventure by itself. On our way we pass some fishing boats and kayaks. We locate the Sea Wolf by using a GPS device and then we throw the anchor overboard. The weather is wonderful and the sea is quite, we can almost hear the anchor lands on top of the Sea Wolf J. We put on the diving gear and jump into the water. We start our dive on the anchor's rope deepening slowly and safely to 100ft. (30 meters).  We make a checkup stop at 10 meters to make sure everyone is ok and continue toward the Sea Wolf. As we deepen toward the ship, we can be see it's black shadow lying on the seabed. We continue to deepen as we pass through a large school of fish.  As we continue gliding toward the Sea Wolf deck, we inflate our BC to maintain perfect buoyancy and start circling around the amazing ship wreck.
The Sea wolf, a 49 meters ship lies ahead on the seabed. We commence our tour around the boat and stop to stare through the ships windows. We glance into the ship's hall and continue our way around the ship. We return to the decks, and  make our way back toward the anchor. We slowly begin to ascend toward the surface. We make our safety stop and head to the surface.  Great visibility, excellent diving. We wave goodbye to the Sea Wolf and ride all the way back to the Diving Center.

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