Q: What are the depths of the dives and how are they supervised?
·       Non-certified divers can participate in introduction dives with a maximum depth of 20 ft (6 meters) after completing a short Try Scuba Diving Lesson before their dive.
·         Certified divers are automatically entitled to participate in dives up to a maximum depth of 60 ft (18 meters) and may include dives to the Gordon caves, Bird Head Canyon and others.
·         Advanced divers can participate in dives up to a maximum depth of 100 ft. (30 meters) including the amazing Wreck dive to the Sea Wolf.
·      Supervision, 1 Instructor supervises 2-4 divers. Private dives is what we are all about!
Q: I'm only here for a short stay. What kind of activity would you recommend?
·         Dive Tel Aviv offers a variety of diving activities around the clock. We recommend our sunrise dives which are held early in the morning. This way you get to start your day with an amazing dive in one of our dive sites. We also recommend our sunset dives. Sunset dives are held at 18:00 and are the best way to relax and relief stress after a long day at the office.
Q: It's been a while since my last dive, and I don’t remember much.
·         Dive Tel Aviv offers a scuba skills update and refresh dive. Scuba skills update is actually a review of the skills you learned during your Open water diving course. Our Instructors will go over with you step by step and help you practice, in a safe way all the skills you forgot.  Our Instructors will also update you in new techniques that may have changed.
With scuba skills update, you will gain back your confident and will experience more relaxed dives.  
·         Israeli diving law requires every diver that has not dived in a period over 6 months to attend a scuba skill update or a refresh dive.
Q: What type of diving insurance do you have?
·         All of our Instructors and students carry a diving insurance. A copy of our insurance policy can be seen in our office. Our Instructors also carry a DAN Insurance policy.
·         Israeli diving law requires everyone who wishes to participate in diving activities to have a personal diving insurance. Diving insurance can be obtained in our office or through our website. Click here to purchase your diving insurance online.
Q: I work all day and sometimes during the weekends. Can I join your diving
·         Dive Tel Aviv specializes in private diving course. In Private diving courses we design the schedule and meetings to best fit your time.
Q: May I bring my own equipment?
·         WE provide you with all the necessary equipment for your dive. Our Diving gear is new and properly maintained. However, your are welcome to bring your own diving equipment.
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