Diving in Tel Aviv in Only 2 days.                             עברית


With Dive Tel Aviv Scuba Diver Course, you can learn to scuba dive in only 2 days. Diving in Tel Aviv, Israel and the rest of the world with our Scuba Diver course program. Scuba Diver diving course is the best way to learn to dive in Tel Aviv. Especially designed for short time visitors or anyone with not enough time to complete the full Diving Course. After completing this 2 days diving course, certified divers will be able to dive to a maximum of 40 feet / 12 meters under the direct supervision of a Dive Leader or a Diving Instructor. This International certification is recognized all over the world.

Divers who complete this certification will be able to continue their learning and advance to Open Water Divers in any of our SSI Training Centers.



Scuba Diver Certification

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