Deep Diver Specialty
Our 2 days deep diving specialty course includes 3 dives in which we will master the techniques and skills to perform a safe and enjoyable deep dive. At the end of the specialty course, divers will be certified as deep divers and will be able to perform dives up to 130ft. (40 meters).
During the specialty course, divers will learn the following diving skills:
·         Plan and organize a deep dive.
·         Calculate the turning point for a deep dive.
·         Calculate air consumption.
·         Work properly with a spool or pulley to return to the exit point.
·         Buoyancy control during deep diving.
·         Calculate the amount of weights needed to achieve perfect buoyancy.
·         Discussion of Nitrogen Narcosis, and Decompression Sickness.
To Enroll in Dive Tel Aviv Deep Diving Specialty you must be:
·         15 years or older
·         LSU (Limited safe air user) or any other equivalent Nitrox Diver
·         60 logged dives
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