Diver Stress and Rescue Specialty Course

This two days specialty course is designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge to successfully perform rescues and to assist in case of emergency situations during a dive. Dive Tel Aviv stress and rescue specialty course will give you the ability to prevent diving accidents by learning how to reduce stress factors. During the course, students will acquire the tools to identify and resolve stress situations. You will learn how to avoid, recognize, and resolve problems on the surface and under water.
During the specialty course, divers will learn the following diving skills:
·         Properly Plan and prepare for a dive.
·         Causes of stress and the way to eliminate stress factors before the dive.
·         Techniques to approach a panicked diver.
·         Techniques to reduce stress and panic during a dive.
·         Search for a missing diver underwater.
·         Surfacing an unconscious diver from underwater.
·         Carry an unconscious diver to the shore.
·         Evacuating an unconscious diver.






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